Welcome to Cafe2go, the first UAE born café and the fastest growing café franchise. We were the pioneers of fusing an old Emirati Cuisine (camel milk) with a modern lifestyle drink (coffee & tea). Since our inception we have stirred quite a buzz in the coffee world. Our first store was inaugurated on September 2011 in Murooj Rotana across from the prestigious Dubai Mall. Since then we have expanded to several locations around Dubai with plans to rapidly expand in upcoming years.


Our success and growth is due to our creative business model, convenient locations and unique menu all synergistically working together in providing fast and handy service for those constantly on the go! With our café outlets, kiosk cafes, unique mobile van café and innovative push cart café concepts we are constantly looking for entrepreneurs to join our efforts in fulfilling our vision of GOING GLOBAL.


Cafe2go serves a wide selection of quality and premium hot and cold beverages including teas, coffees, smoothies and juices. We are the pioneers in serving different hot and cold drinks, gelatos, yogurt, sandwiches and pastries made with fresh camel’s milk which are all served under the our brand of Camellos.


A Member of Sheikh Mohammed’s Establishment (Dubai SME’s) Cafe2go promises to deliver the most delicious coffee and the freshest food combined with the best service. Whether it’s taking your first sip of our unique blend, biting into one of our signature, fresh toasted sandwiches or browsing through our brand new website, your Café2go experience will be one you’ll look forward to repeating time and time again!



To unite people of all backgrounds in a shared experience by positioning ourselves as a premier coffee shop chain with a global presence.



Cafe2go is committed to give an experience that touches the soul by pursuing excellence in products, personalized service and an exciting store atmosphere. Be socially responsible by giving back to the society in helping building and changing lives. Aspire to be wherever you are.



  • To place quality as our number one priority
  • Engage with our customers to uplift them even if for a few moments
  • To create a culture of delight and excitement
  • Partner based on respect, integrity and trust
  • Promote the lives of our team members
  • Giving 5% of proceeds to Dubai charity so the society can flourish